Audit and Inspection

Apple Group Training, have worked alongside companies and organisations throughout the UK completing audit, inspection and reporting within the workplace for many years.

General audit and Inspection normally would cover all aspects of health and safety including working conditions on and off site, record keeping, training records, proof of workmanship and safe working practice including use of PPE.

Health and safety systems of audit or inspection for any business type must be suitable and fit for purpose. They need to be clear and concise, relevant and proportionate to the business, while ensuring compliance with UK Health and Safety legislation as a minimum requirement.

In order to be fully implemented they need to be understood and accepted whether you are self employed, employed or a sub contractor, without imposing any unnecessary rules or unworkable procedures.

Evaluation of any aspect of a business performance shall always be an essential element of the company/organisation management, system and health and safety is no exception to this rule.

Assessing health and safety ‘performance’ provides the basis for continual professional development which will enable the business to understand the quality of performance, i.e., how well the existing health and safety arrangements are implemented as well as their suitability and adequacy in respect of the particular company operations. Without adequate cooperation and evaluation, there shall be no reliable data to inform those with the responsibility on how existing systems are and how effective they are in controlling risk.

Companies often refer to accident and incident statistics as a reflection on success of health and safety, however, a low injury or ill-health rate is no guarantee that risks are adequately controlled, for example, where the probability of accident occurrence is low but where hazards may be significant or where accidents and incidents are under-reported.

So even though you may have a low accident occurrence this may not be at all representative of good health and safety arrangements.

Inspection or auditing of health and safety management arrangements offers a range of measures to evaluate health and safety performance. Apple Group Management offers a range of services to cover as little or as much of a business’s health and safety arrangements as is desirable.
Health and Safety Audit

Apple Group health and safety audit comprises a systematic, thorough examination and detailed assessment of all health and safety aspects of a business embracing cultural influences as well as physical arrangements and systems.

A significant difference between the audit and inspection service is in the level of detail and in-depth evaluation of health and safety arrangements and management systems and includes examination of all health and safety documentation and records. The written report is detailed accordingly.

  • In-depth review of business operations covering activities, processes, equipment, materials, organisation and staff roles;
  • Observation of behaviours and  discussions with some staff;
  • Inspection of physical arrangements, including external and internal premises and facilities;
  • Examination of existing health and safety arrangements: policies, procedures, health and safety documentation and management systems, training arrangements, written reports, accident/incident/ill-health records, maintenance records etc.;
  • Debrief at completion of site visit programme;
  • Findings presented in a written report with photographic evidence if required, a prioritised action plan based upon Apple Group recommendations.
Health and Safety Inspection

  • General review of the main aspects of a business’ operations, activities, processes, equipment, materials, staff roles, etc.;
  • Inspection of physical arrangements, including external and internal premises and facilities, including site inspection;
  • Inspection of workmanship and installation to include use of PPE.
  • Overview of existing health and safety management arrangements;
  • Debrief at end of site visit;
  • Findings presented in a written report with photographic evidence, a prioritised action plan based on the report recommendations.
The key aims of inspection are to identify significant risks and working practice.
Promote remedial actions, assessment being carried out in line with current UK health and safety legislation and good practice.
We offer free risk management advice, that promotes safe, effective operations when implemented.

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