Ladder Safety Training Course, Level 1 and 2

Ladder Training Course Level 1 and 2

HSE accepts the practicalities of the use of ladders for work at height, and the fact that they are commonly used in a wide variety of situations. Ladders are used in almost all employment sectors, sometimes for purposes other than those for which they were designed. This is a comprehensive course which has been designed to provide delegates with the correct training of the methods to stabilise and access a leaning ladder maintaining 3 points of contact at all times.

This course is ideal for those who have previous experience of working at height with ladders, the training provided teaches candidates on how to use a ladder safely in accordance with the relevant legislation, wearing the correct PPE for working at height.

Apple Group Training and Consultancy have many years of experience in this field, and are highly recognised within heights industry. The course has been designed to address a safe working practice when working off a ladder with full fall protection.

6 hours.
3 years, this course is accredited.
Apple Group Training can provide this training course on site or at a location of your choice. We provide training at most major locations, Birmingham, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, London, Newcastle and surrounding areas.

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Course Aims and Objectives

  • Legislation and Regulations affecting work at height
  • Product standards and classifications for ladders
  • Understand the correct usage of associated PPE
  • Demonstrate the correct method for securing a leaning ladder
  • How to understand the difference between fall arrest and fall restraint

You will be able to identify:

  • Assess and determine when it's appropriate to use ladders
  • Correctly locate and safely use ladders
  • Visually inspect ladders for damage before and after use
  • Hazards and risk affecting the use of ladders
By the end of the training course delegates will have learned the skills necessary to maintain a safe working practice when using ladders.

A professional course delivered in an exciting and informative style that creates awareness of the hazards and dangers and provides delegates with advice and recommendations in avoiding injury through correct procedures.

Learning style
Both theoretical and practical based and includes multi-media presentations that demonstrate the need for safety in the use of ladders. The training is fully interactive with delegates after tuition, encouraged to demonstrate their awareness of safety.

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Course Content

  • Appreciation of the requirements of UK legislation
  • Identify the hazards and risks when working from ladders
  • The importance of correct personal protection equipment
  • Understand the method of correct fitting, usage and inspection of fall protection equipment specified for this course
  • Visually inspect ladders for damage before and after use
  • Secure leaning ladders
  • Access procedure for portable ladders
  • Demonstrate safe working technique using fall arrest / fall restraint
  • Manual handling techniques
  • Storage methods
  • Practical demonstration of equipment by course candidate

Industries we train are Construction, Roof work, Warehouse, Landscaping, Garage workshop, Scaffolding, Marine, Electricians, Gas, Satellite, Aerial, Maintenance.

The course shall consist of 8 elements which include introduction of theory and practical applications.

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Level 1 and 2 Safety Kits

Apple Group Training and Consultancy specialise in all types of PPE that are suitable for this type of training.

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