PPE Inspection and Audit Training Course

Harness, inspection, record keeping & audit procedures

This training course has been designed for companies, organisations and those who have a legal duty under law to audit, record and register any PPE and other associated equipment within the workplace that requires a legal method of evidence within the regulations of the UK.

The training provided will help those with the responsibility recognise and eliminate the dangers of incorrect usage, is the harness the correct type for the job itself, are there any signs of damage, cuts, tears, contamination, is the harness and associated PPE in date?

Legal requirements

It is the law, under the PPE regulations, and the work at height regulations, it is the duty of the employer to maintain any fall arrest equipment, if you find a fault in the equipment you must not use it, you must report it, you must make arrangements to remove it from the working environment. It is essential that the person carrying out any inspection is sufficiently independent and impartial to allow them to make objective decisions, and has appropriate and genuine authority to discard defective harnesses, lanyards and other associated PPE.

4 hours.
3 years, this course is accredited.
We can provide this PPE Inspection and Audit training course throughout the UK, at a venue or location of your choice. For more information on our open courses, and prices of on-site training please contact us.

Course aims and Objectives

  • Accurately record details.
  • Inspect and monitor.
  • PPE and associated equipment.
  • Identify component parts using industry standard naming conventions.
  • Thoroughly inspect equipment within your industry, and identify safety critical faults.
  • Record your findings in accordance with statutory requirements.
  • Recommend action to be taken if faults found.

You will be able to identify:

  • Legislation and regulations regarding Inspections.
  • Methods of record keeping.
  • The difference between maintenance and repairs and who is allowed to do them
  • The correct methods of disposal of equipment at the end of its working life

  • This course is a mixture of both theory and classroom participation.

Course Content

  • Appreciation of the requirements of UK legislation.
  • Responsibilities and your actions.
  • Specifications of your equipment.
  • Initial Inspection.
  • Asset register.
  • PPE inspection.
  • Types of PPE associated within the workplace.
  • Recording Procedures.
  • Frequency standards & methods of inspection care & maintenance.
Certification: CPD Certificate of Attendance and Learning Tool, this certificate should be kept within your CPD record, and can be used as evidence in a CPD audit by a professional institute or regulator.

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