Ladder & Roof Ladder Level 3 Training Course

Ladder, Roof Ladder Level 3 Training

This ladder training course is ideal for those who use ladders as a means of access or as a working platform on the side of buildings or a pitched roof.

Employers and those in control of any work at height activity must make sure work is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people, this includes using the right type of equipment for working at height. (Source HSE)

This ladder training course which has been developed by Apple Group Training, is a very comprehensive course designed to provide delegates with appropriate training and certification with regard to the methods used to stabilise a leaning portable ladder, including safe access techniques onto a pitched roof. This course will also teach learners on how to use the correct type of fall protection equipment that is required by law when working at height.

6 hours.
3 years, this course is accredited.
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Course Aims and Objectives

  • Hazards and risk affecting your work when using ladders as a means of work
  • Collective measures and the risk to others
  • When it is safe or not safe to use PPE designed for working at height
  • How to Inspect ladders and associated PPE
  • To help learners have a better understanding of the law
  • Introduce the latest method of safety when working at height

  • Upon successful completion, you can be confident that attendees can undertake work at height safely where it is necessary to use a ladder as a means of access or as a working platform. The course also demonstrates correct procedures for safe ladder use.

    This course advances on other ladder training courses by demonstrating the correct method of using fall protection equipment.

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    Course Content

    • Appreciation of the requirements of UK legislation
    • Understanding the difference between fall arrest, fall restraint
    • The importance of correct anchorage
    • Understanding the method of correct fitting, usage and inspection of fall protection equipment
    • Securing leaning ladders, using fall protection equipment including the use of harness
    • Appreciating the standards for roof safety and the hazards to be avoided
    • Safe transfer method from a leaning ladder to a pitched roof using fall protection equipment
    • Self-rescue techniques from a leaning ladder
    • Practical demonstration of equipment by all course candidates

    Industries we train are construction, roof work, warehouse, landscaping, garage workshop, scaffolding, electricians, gas, satellite, aerial, maintenance, in fact anyone who uses ladders as part of there job requirement.

    Level 3 Safety Kit

    Apple Group Training and Consultancy specialise in all types of PPE that are suitable for this type of training.

    Level 3 Safety Kit, please click on the link.


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